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Will this work for my 6 year old?

MK writes and wants to know if her 6 year old daughter, who has never had a dry night, is a good candidate for a bedwetting alarm. She mentioned her daughter’s wetting to her pediatrician at her last check-up, who … Continue reading

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What is a weak bladder?

I’d like to discuss the question that a grandmother poses about her 9 year old grandson. His mother was told by his doctor that he has a “weak bladder” and that was the reason for his nighttime and occasional daytime … Continue reading

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Malem’s newest alarm

I have had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Hilal Malem, the creator of the popular Malem alarms, a few times over the last few years. His ability to fine tune and customize his numerous alarms continues to amaze me. Educated … Continue reading

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