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Caffeine and Bedwetting

The results of an interesting study looking at the relationship of caffeine intake and bedwetting were published Dec.17, 2010, in Enuresis (bedwetting) and caffeine consumption were not significantly correlated in this group of 201 five to twelve year old … Continue reading

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Buzzer for Bed Wetting

My friend recommended that I use a buzzer to help my son overcome bed wetting. I’m a little confused about what a buzzer is and how it works. Is a buzzer the same thing as a bedwetting alarm? Isn’t it … Continue reading

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Travel and Bedwetting Protection

Our family is traveling for a week over the holidays. My son has been successfully using a bed-wetting alarm for the past month. He has been having some dry nights but isn’t consistently dry yet. We are staying with relatives … Continue reading

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