7 Top Bedwetting Blogs of 2012

11 Jan

Now that 2012 is past, let’s look at the most popular blog posts of the last year.

1. 6 Tips for Summer Camp Bedwetting
Bedwetting is especially worrisome for children sleeping at camp. These tips help families cope.

2. Our Alarm Chooser
Simple steps to choose the right alarm for your bedwetting child.

3. Pee Alarm for Nighttime Potty Training
Discusses how bedwetting alarms work and other steps that help getting children dry in the nighttime.

4. Wetting the Bed- How to Stop
Strategies for 8 year old who wants to become dry.

5. Fast Progress in 11 Year Old
This popular blog post was most likely read by parents of other older children who suffer from bedwetting. Successful treatment, after others had failed, is covered.

6. Constipation and Bedwetting
New research suggests there is a connection between constipation and bedwetting.

7. Wetting at School: Tips that Help
Some children wet or leak during the daytime. These tips provide help and solutions for children and their families who deal with this embarrassing problem.

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