7 year old’s success, now how long to use the alarm

RT’s 7 year old daughter has been using the bed alarm for a month now. After 11 days, she has not had an accident at all. The alarm hasn’t even sounded. So for 15 nights, she’s been waking on her own or going all night without using the bathroom. Tonight, she’s going to not use the alarm, but mom is curious about the course of action they should take going further – do they stop the alarm all together or should they do every other night? She’s not a fan of the alarm and is dying to not use it, but parents want to make sure they don’t sabotage the last month’s work by taking it away too soon.

At this stage, I recommend using the alarm every other night for 14 more nights. I think this is an effective way to help her body continue to react in the right way. After 14 dry, she can discontinue using it. Take the batteries out and store it away. In the future, don’t get concerned if there is an isolated wet night. If, however, you see 2 wets in a one week period of time, she would restart the alarm for a week or so. This will prevent her from having relapse to nightly wetting.

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