Washington Post, “Waking Up Dry”

Today I opened the Washington Post Kids Section to find an article, “Ever Wondered Why Kids Wet the Bed”. It’s always a pleasure to read about bedwetting in consumer publications, especially when the author is an authority on the subject, as is Dr. Howard Bennett, pediatrician and author of “Waking Up Dry: A Guide to Help Children Overcome Bedwetting”. Dr. Bennett’s book is a top-seller on bedwettingstore.com and is full of good information for both kids and parents, presented in a humorous and positive way.

This section of the Post is geared toward the young readers. In his article today, Dr. Bennett makes several great points for kids.
• Millions of kids have bedwetting, it’s just not talked about that much
• Bedwetting is hardly ever caused by a serious medical problem
• Kids who wet just don’t get the signal to wake up when they have to go
• The process of learning to stay dry can be sped up, and there’s no reason to wait
• A small device (bedwetting alarm) wakes you up when you start to pee when you’re asleep
• No one wets the bed on purpose

waking up dryYou might want to share this article with your child. I also encourage you to buy Dr. Bennett’s book. When checking out on bedwettingstore.com, enter the promotion code SVWAK to save $2.00. Expires 11/30/2010.

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