Bedwetting Underwear

14 Sep

My son is 6 and he wets every night.  He is a little immature and not ready to start using a bedwetting alarm yet.  He’s a big guy for his age and the children’s pull-ups don’t hold him all night.  Even with the pull-ups, I end up washing his sheets almost every day.  Are there bedwetting underwear that you recommend?

It can certainly be frustrating when you’re spending all that money on pull-ups and you still have to do daily laundry.  Since your current product isn’t providing the absorbency that your son needs, let’s talk about some alternatives.

Diaper Booster Pads can double the absorbency of a disposable pull-up or diaper.  The thin disposable pad is worn inside the pull-up.  The polymers in these pads absorb and wick away moisture, just like the disposables do.  Your son’s pull-up will be much thicker in the morning so make sure you allow enough room for the booster pad to expand. The regular booster pad holds almost 11 oz.  A regular pull-up holds around 13 oz. so you can see that this almost doubles the absorbency.

Another option is to look at the sizing of the current pull-up.  If the pull-up fits too snuggly, the urine might leak over the top or from the leg openings.  We carry some disposables in larger sizes, such as the Tranquility All Through the Night in XS Adult or the Prevail Underwear in Youth/Small Adult.These provide more absorbency and many have found that correct sizing helps with the leaking problem.  Protective vinyl pants can also be worn over a pull-up to prevent leaking.  These soft pants feature a layer of vinyl sandwiched between two layers of cotton.  They are machine washable and dryable and add another layer of waterproof protection.

A third option is to use a washable mattress overlay over the top of the sheets.  This would protect your son’s sheets and limit your laundry to a small pad instead of the entire set of sheets. The tuck-in style is particularly popular because it prevents the pad from moving around.  These are very absorbent, holding up to 4 cups of liquid.  Disposable pads can also be useful, especially if traveling.

Until your son is ready for a permanent solution, using some of these products may help you with keeping him clean and dry.