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Bed wetting and Strong Urine Smell

My 12 year old son still has bedwetting. I have noticed that his urine smells strong and his room stinks. Why is this and what do you recommend? CAUSES Urine odor is related to the volume and concentration of substances … Continue reading

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3 Reasons Why You Should Treat Bedwetting

Bedwetting affects confidence and self-esteem The development of confidence and a positive self-esteem includes being able to perform activities that most other children in your age group can perform. Many children continue to hear that they will “outgrow” bedwetting at … Continue reading

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What to Do for Leaky Pull-ups

My 5 year old son still wears pull-ups at night but I still have almost daily laundry because they leak so much. Any suggestions? This is a common question and I DO have some suggestions. -Have him put on the … Continue reading

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