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Results with the Dry-Me Alarm

What a success story from this Mommy Blogger, Shawn Ann, from Shawn Ann’s World. Her son was wetting every night and had not responded to waking by parents, setting a timer and limiting fluids. Read their story here. While using … Continue reading

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Sean Combs: Kool-Aid, Sugar and His Bed wetting

Even popular musicians have been bed wetters! In today’s interview with Ellen DeGeneres, “Diddy” Combs revealed that he used to be a bed wetter. He mentions the association of his bedwetting and mostly drinking sugar-laden Kool-Aid as a kid. He … Continue reading

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How to Cure Bed wetting

Bedwetting is very common, affecting 8-10% of school age children but it’s also very frustrating. Most families have tried limiting fluids, voiding before bed, and lifting when parents are awake. Yet nightly wetting continues. Here are some suggestions beyond those … Continue reading

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