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Bed wetting and Strong Urine Smell

My 12 year old son still has bedwetting. I have noticed that his urine smells strong and his room stinks. Why is this and what do you recommend? CAUSES Urine odor is related to the volume and concentration of substances … Continue reading

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Daytime voiding and drinking has no effect on bedwetting

Traditionally, when a parent brought up bedwetting to their health care provider, they were given bladder training advice as first line therapy. This advice focused on regular voiding, sound voiding posture and sufficient fluid intake during the day. It was … Continue reading

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Tips for Wetting at School

The start of the new school year can bring about unexpected surprises, such as wetting or leaking in the underwear in a child who has been dry. The most common cause of new wetting is not noticing the need to … Continue reading

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