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Washable Underpads for Beds

What is a good alternative to spending so much money on disposable bed pads and pull-ups for my 4 year old daughter who still wets some nights? Many families struggle with knowing when to discontinue disposables without having a large … Continue reading

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Helping Older Kids with Bedwetting: 3 Things to Know

1. Implement treatment even if they do not seem motivated or bothered by the wetting. Sometimes children, age 10-teen, feel hopeless that there is a solution. You may have already unsuccessfully tried some things, such as limiting night fluids, urinating … Continue reading

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Pee Alarm for Night Time Potty Training

My sister told me about a “pee alarm” she used for her son to get dry at night. My 7 year old son still wets every night and I’m at my wit’s end. He still wears pull-ups and they are … Continue reading

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