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Sean Combs: Kool-Aid, Sugar and His Bed wetting

Even popular musicians have been bed wetters! In today’s interview with Ellen DeGeneres, “Diddy” Combs revealed that he used to be a bed wetter. He mentions the association of his bedwetting and mostly drinking sugar-laden Kool-Aid as a kid. He … Continue reading

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Effect of Bedwetter on Mother

Studies over the years have looked at the negative impact of bedwetting on children’s quality of life and self-esteem. Last month, an interesting study from Japan looked at the impact of bedwetting children on their mother’s quality of life. The … Continue reading

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History of Bedwetting Treatments

Bedwetting is not a new or modern problem. It is a worldwide phenomenon and it has been around for centuries. It’s interesting to see that there are references to childhood bedwetting as early as 1550 BC. This infographic shows some … Continue reading

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