How Alarms Attach

19 Apr

“It looks to me as though the alarms that attach to the shoulder can be uncomfortable for children who sleep mostly on their stomachs. I am also concerned that the wires on the monitor will come unclipped. Can you provide me some guidance on this?”

The wearable alarms, such as the Malem and Malem Ultimate, offer the convenience of situating them where it is most comfortable for the user. The nice thing about the shoulder position is that if it is placed in the middle of the upper shoulder, it is not felt if lying on the back or the front. The alarm can be worn on either shoulder so if your child sleeps mostly on one side, positioning the alarm on the opposite shoulder is best. This would insure that the alarm sound would not be muffled by the pillow. These alarms sound and/or vibrate so your child would have this coming from the shoulder unit, close to his ear.

I can honestly tell you that my patients do not describe this alarm as being uncomfortable. Some of the kids mention that wearing a smaller, closer fitting shirt is best so the alarm unit doesn’t move around as much when they move in their sleep. The sensor cord is attached to the alarm unit with a plastic “phone jack” and does not pull out with movement. Since the sensor cord is situated under the shirt, it moves as your child moves, with little chance of it being tugged on with movement.

If your child is concerned about the placement on the shoulder, a wireless alarm, such as the Rodger wireless or Malem wireless would be a good choice. With the wireless alarms, nothing is situated on the shoulder. The transmitter is snapped on the waistband (Rodger) or magnetically clips to the waistband (Malem). The alarm that sounds is located across the room. With the DRI Eclipse alarm, a small wafer like transmitter is placed inside a pull-up or pantyliner. Again, the alarm is across the room, not on the shoulder.

There are so many comfortable bedwetting alarm options that you and your child should be able to choose what will work best for your situation. If you have additional questions, call our helpful Customer Service team at 800-214-9605.

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