New! LARGER Waterproof Overlay Pad for Queen Size Beds

9 Jun

Exclusively from the Bedwetting Store, we now carry LARGER Dry Defender tuck-in and flat washable overlay pads. This larger size, 36 x 70 inches, covers edge to edge on a Queen size bed. Our customers love our reusable waterproof overlays (with over 600 reviews of 4.5 stars) and have asked for something larger. Many children (and adults and pets) need reliable waterproof pads for a bigger bed. Now we’ve got one!!


Our customers rave about how much laundry and money they save by using these washable pads. Disposables are far less comfortable, less absorbent, and end up costing a lot more money. Having these waterproof pads in place protects sheets, mattresses and furniture from spills and urine. The tuck-in pads are especially nice for making sure the pad stays exactly where you want it. The fabric pieces on the sides are easily tucked between the top and bottom mattress.

Easy Clean-Up

When an accident occurs, simply remove this dependable waterproof pad to reveal a clean, dry area under it. Easy to wash and dry, this pad can be quickly reused. Many people buy several pads so they always have one ready to go. Now you can buy any size to fit your needs–whether you have twin, full or queen sized mattresses.

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