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5 Jan

How do I choose the bed wetting alarm that is right for my child?
Your question is one that we frequently get. It’s true that there are many choices and that some alarms work better than others in certain situations. Some work better for boys or girls, and some are better for older or younger children.

We’re excited to be able to answer your question with our unique Alarm Chooser. After years of experience and feedback from our customers, we help you pick the best alarm for your child, based on their sex and age. We tell you why we recommend that particular alarm, too. You can pull down the correct information for your child on this page.

Or you can view our selections by clicking on the following categories:

Alarms for Female Age 5-6
Alarms for Female Age 7-12
Alarms for Female Teen
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Alarms for Male Age 5-6
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