ENTER TO WIN!! FREE 7 Steps to Nighttime Dryness Audiobook GIVEAWAY

7 Steps to Nighttime Dryness, our most popular guide to ending bedwetting, has just come out in AUDIOBOOK form. To promote the release, we are giving out ten free copies of the audiobook.

To win, simply leave a comment saying why you want the audiobook via the “Ask a Question” link at the top of this page or the “Leave a Comment” link at the bottom of this post. The ten best answers will be selected on January 31st and the winners of the FREE AUDIOBOOK will be sent a coupon code so they can download the book from Audible.com.

The print version of 7 Steps to Nighttime Dryness debuted in 2004 and is now in its second edition. It’s helped tens of thousands of families achieve permanent nighttime dryness. The book covers everything from common myths about bedwetting to the various treatment options available, how to know when it’s time to start treating, how to get your child on board, and when to stop treatment and pronounce your child “cured.”

The book has received many rave reviews. Sweet Caramel from Dunwoody, GA wrote, “Before spending $2500.00 on an agency to help you, read what Nurse Mercer has to say… The book provides immediate help while the agency requires you to mail in your data and wait for them to send you the next step to try. My child was completely dry within two months after 15 years of wetting. Thanks Nurse Mercer!”

Cabmd from Indianapolis, IN wrote, “Very practical and easy to read. It’s easy to implement the suggestions.” And CP from Boston, MA simply wrote “I am just so happy with this and so amazed that it really does work!!!”

7 Steps to Nighttime Dryness was written by me, Renee Mercer, a Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner with over 25 years of experience dealing with bedwetting and daytime wetting at my private practice in Maryland. The audiobook is narrated by Anne Marie Silvey and normally sells for $14.95.

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5 Top Bedwetting Blogs of 2014

The winners of the top viewed Bedwetting Blogs of 2014 are:

1. When Bedwetting Alarm Doesn’t Work
This blog discusses reasons that your child may not have been successful using the alarm and some tips that will help.

2. Waterproof Pants for Older Kids
The fact that this was such a popular blog reinforces my belief that there are many families with older children who still struggle with bedwetting. Washable, non-noisy underwear are especially welcome for kids going to camp or spending the night outside their home.

3. Positive Behavior Changes Noted after Bedwetting Alarm Use
I am especially proud of this popular blog, which included feedback from 803 families whose child had used a bedwetting alarm. Parents reported a significant improvement in Self-Esteem, Overnight Stays, Quality of Sleep, Relationships with Peers and Parents, and School Performance.

4. Peeing in Bed
This blog answers a frustrated parent’s question about knowing what to do after she has tried all the common strategies.

5. Best Bed Wetting Alarm
This blog features the Rodger Wireless Bedwetting Alarm, which is the most convenient and comfortable alarm that we carry. The new wireless technology does not require any wires or panty liners. The transmitter is simply snapped onto the waistband of the specialized moisture-sensing underwear for perfect placement every time.

Success Matters! Learn Why Families Who Buy at the Bedwetting Store are more Successful

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Punishing Children for Bedwetting Can Make It Worse

Here’s yet another study that proves that punishment is not effective in ending bedwetting. In fact, the children who were punished actually wet the bed more frequently than those who were not punished. They were also more likely to be depressed or have a lower health-related quality of life score.

This Saudi Arabian study included 65 children, age 7-13, who wet their beds and 40 children who did not wet. The bedwetting children were divided into 2 groups: those who were punished and those who were not punished. The children who were punished wet significantly more often than the children who were not punished. The more often punishment occurred; the more likely the children were to be depressed.

We would like to think that parents would never punish their child for something they have no control over. Punishment can come in different forms, physical, emotional or verbal. Do not use any form of punishment for your bedwetting child.


Belittle or name call, such as “you’re just lazy”, “you’re a baby”
Single him out to do sheets and laundry, teach all your children to do their own sheets
Place wet laundry, disposables or charts where friends may see them
Feel that you are a bad parent because your child wets the bed, often there is a genetic component, and a delay in the development of the brain/bladder connection


Handle wetting discreetly in front of siblings or family members
Keep room clean and odor free, changing sheets as often as needed
Protect mattress with a waterproof cover
Be supportive when travelling, using back up disposables and waterproof bedding or pads
Remind your child that you know he’s not wetting on purpose
Use a bedwetting alarm to help him/her learn how to wake up when wetting is occurring

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