When Bedwetting Alarm Doesn’t Work

“Using a bedwetting alarm did not work for my 8 year old son. We used it for two weeks last year but he never heard it or got up when it sounded. So we stopped it and are searching for another solution”.

Using a bedwetting alarm correctly makes all the difference between success and “failure”. Used correctly, bedwetting alarms can cure bedwetting in more than 80% of the children who use them. Re-try using the bedwetting alarm if your son is motivated to end his bedwetting.

Here are 4 tips to help:
Learn about what to expect.

Most children sleep through the loud sound or can’t process what they need to do when they wake to the alarm. This is a normal response. Remember, in the beginning the alarm should also alert parents. When you hear the alarm, go to your son’s room. Help him get the alarm turned off and walk to the bathroom. Even though it seems that he is “sleeping through” the alarm, behavioral conditioning will work to help his brain begin to make the connection of the sound and getting up. My book, Seven Steps to Nighttime Dryness, will walk you through what to expect.

Be patient. Two weeks is not long enough.

Everyone wants to see dry nights immediately! Behavioral conditioning is a process and takes time. The average child takes 8-12 weeks to become permanently dry. Little signs of progress can be observed on the road to dryness. Seeing your son hear and respond to the alarm is a sign of progress. Having smaller wet spots in bed, with urine left to empty in the toilet, is progress. Then dry nights begin happening. At first, sporadic dry nights, then for more nights in a row. Be patient and persistent!

Choose the right style of alarm.

You didn’t mention the style of alarm that you used last year, but your son must use one that is comfortable for him, that he does not un-hook during the night, and that consistently sounds when it senses wetness. The Rodger wireless alarm has special underwear that has the sensor built in. Wireless alarms require that the user get out of bed to turn the sound off. The Malem Multi-Choice alarm allows you to record your voice or play tones and vibrate. If he refused to use the alarm or disconnected it, ask him what he did not like and choose a different style.

Pick the best time to use an alarm.

Solving bedwetting is a family project. Parents have to be involved so make sure you choose a time when you can lose a little sleep, aren’t overloaded with work responsibilities and your family isn’t overcommitted. Discuss with your son his level of motivation and that you’re in this together. Develop a plan of action and let him know you’ll help for as long as it takes to get 14 consecutive nights of dryness.

Success Matters! Learn Why Families Who Buy at the Bedwetting Store are more Successful

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Positive Behavior Changes Noted after Bedwetting Alarm Use

Parents observe positive behavior changes when their child becomes dry or has less wetting after using a bedwetting alarm, according to our new study.

Our study included 803 families whose child had used a bedwetting alarm. The study participants (parents) reported observed changes in 5 of their child’s behaviors, such as self-esteem, sleep, peer and parent relationships, overnight stays, and school performance. They rated these behaviors from significantly worse to no change to significantly improved.

Using a voluntary on-line survey, the researchers examined what change using a bedwetting alarm to decrease nighttime wetting had on the child’s behavior. Of the 803 families, 72% reported their child was now dry every night, 21% currently had fewer wet nights, smaller wet spots, less wetting/night, and 7% noted no change in the amount of wet nights. The median age of the child using the alarm was 7-8 years but the ages of children ranged from less than 5 to 15 or older. There were 69% male and 31% female children. The children used the bedwetting alarm from less than 1 month to more than 6 months, with the median length of time, 3-6 months.

Efforts to stop bedwetting can lead to behavioral benefits for the child, according to these parents’ reports. There is no reason to wait years for children to spontaneously stop bedwetting when bedwetting alarms can speed up the process and help children to feel good about themselves, have better quality of sleep, spend the night with friends, have better school performance and better relationships with parents and peers.

Success Matters! Learn Why Families Who Buy at the Bedwetting Store are more Successful

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Best Bed Wetting Alarm

What is the best bed wetting alarm? My 7 year old really wants to become dry at night but is a little nervous about using an alarm.

The Rodger Wireless Bedwetting Alarm has many of the best features to help your child. Nothing compares to the convenience of pulling on the specialized underwear, and simply snapping a small transmitter onto the waistband. Even the youngest child can do this, helping them feel in control and part of the process.

Wearing comfortable cotton underwear with the special sensor threads sewn in is perfect for those children who prefer not to wear an alarm box on their shirt. With this alarm, she can wear any pajama top or nightgown and sleep in any position.

Since the sensor threads are sewn throughout the entire brief, the first drop of urine is detected, no matter what her sleeping position. Quicker detection means fewer large accidents and a shorter treatment time. This alarm comes with two washable unisex underwear and additional ones can be purchased, if needed in the beginning.

This Rodger wireless alarm requires that your child get out of bed to turn it off. This unique feature eliminates the behavior of turning off the alarm and going back to sleep, as some children with body-worn alarms get in the bad habit of doing. The receiver unit is plugged into a wall outlet. It is triggered to sound at the first drop of urine and will continue to sound until turned off. A second receiver can be ordered for the parent’s room, which is helpful if you want to hear it and your room is far away. Another option is a vibrating cushion that is placed on the bed to provide a stimulating vibration at the same time the alarm sounds.

This wireless alarm has received rave reviews from hundreds of parents all over the world. In fact, it boasts one of the highest user ratings of any bedwetting alarm we carry. I think it would be a great choice for your child.

This is a recent review:

First of all, this works. My son is in 3rd grade and he has not been able to do sleep overs with friends because of occasional bedwetting. He just doesn’t wake up, then urinates. This seems to quickly train the brain to respond by waking the child up instantly by sounding the alarm at the first drop. Now he is able to either sleep through the night, or wake up to go to the bathroom. I wish I would have known about this a few years ago!

themom, Coarsegold, CA

Success Matters! Learn Why Families Who Buy at the Bedwetting Store are more Successful

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