Peeing in Bed

“My 6 year old pees in his bed every night. I’ve tried limiting drinks after dinner, taking him to the bathroom before bed and even walking him to the bathroom when I go to bed. Nothing is working. What should I do?”

It sounds like you have already put in place many of the common strategies. I want to make sure that you understand that your son is not doing this on purpose and would love to be dry all night. Please be supportive and not punitive.

Just as children need help learning things like riding a bike or swimming, sometimes children need a little help learning to be dry in the nighttime. The best tool for helping your son learn to wake up on his own when he needs to use the bathroom is a bedwetting alarm.

A bedwetting alarm is a specialized device that senses moisture and sounds to alert him (and you) when the wetting happens. I’m sure he currently sleeps through the wetting episode so has no idea when it happens. Using a bedwetting alarm pinpoints exactly when he wets so he can use the bathroom. A bedwetting alarm is much different than using an alarm clock. You would not know the time to set the alarm clock because the time he wets changes from night to night.

He will need your help at first. When you hear the alarm from your room, go to his room and make sure he turns off the alarm, and then walks to the bathroom. Over a few nights and weeks, he will learn to stop his urine flow and finish in the toilet. Eventually, he’ll either hold it all night or get up before the alarm sounds.

Bedwetting alarms vary in price from about $49.95-$129.95, depending on the features you choose. Most families report that this is the best money they have spent to help their children become dry at night. Put the money and energy you save on buying pull-ups and doing daily laundry toward a permanent cure.

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Waterproof Pants for Older Kids

Super Undies Waterproof Bedwetting Underwear are a great reusable product for insuring a dry bed in the morning. Imagine not having to do daily laundry and not having to continually buy disposables. You’re saving the environment and your time and money at the same time!

With summer camps, sleepovers and vacations, parents have been asking us for a product that their bedwetting children can discreetly use for waterproof protection. Now we have it!

Available in a red/black or lavender/pink, the close fit and fleece edges prevent leaking. These pants have 4 layers of microfiber absorbency in the front, back and sides and feature a wrap-around soaker pad that increases absorbency in the middle, where it’s needed the most. Exclusively at the Bedwetting Store, we also include an extra cloth soaker pad and 3 disposable booster pads with each pair. Extra soaker pads can be purchased and used for those who have an exceptionally large urine volume.

Best of all, they’re currently on sale, at a $10/per pair savings. Stock up so you have a clean pair every night.

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Bedwetting Problem – 4 Reasons to Treat

“Is there treatment for my child’s bedwetting?” is a common question. Unfortunately, a high percentage of parents (72%) were not aware of effective treatments, according to this recent study. Only 55% reported that they would seek medical care for bedwetting. Those who would not mention it to their health care provider cited these 3 reasons – 1) Know child will eventually outgrow bedwetting 2) Not aware of good treatments 3) Bedwetting is not a significant medical problem. Only 6% reported that they would use a bedwetting alarm as treatment.

So where are families turning for advice? We are left with relatives or well-meaning folks who suggest that no treatment is necessary, that you should just wait until the children stop by themselves. That type of advice leaves many frustrated kids and parents.

Very effective non-medicinal bedwetting alarm treatment is readily available

Bedwetting alarms have been extensively researched and have been proven to be the most effective, long-lasting, and first-line treatment for bedwetting. They are available without a prescription and cost $50-$120- much less than pull-ups and laundry. There are no side effects and they effectively decrease the length of time the family has to contend with bedwetting. The average child gets to dryness in 8-12 weeks, instead of a few years of waiting for them to stop spontaneously. Family support when starting use of a bedwetting alarm is important, but seeing progress in a few short weeks is enough to keep kids and parents motivated. Bedwetting alarms sense moisture and alert the child and parents that wetting is occurring. Over time, the brain-bladder connection has developed to alert the child before wetting happens.

Earlier treatment leaves less emotional/behavioral impact

If a child has reached school-age (5-6 years), and continues with nightly accidents, they can benefit from bedwetting treatment. There is no reason that treatment with a bedwetting alarm should be delayed until 8, 9 or 10 years. By 10 years of age, one in 20 children still suffer from bedwetting. By this time, sleepover invitations have been missed, children are concerned they may never stop and are frustrated because they have no control over the wetting episodes. Treatment with a bedwetting alarm not only gives the child a tool to make a change, but empowers the family that they are taking steps to help their child.

Parent/child relationship is improved

72% of parents report an improvement in their child’s self-esteem after bedwetting alarm use. They also report an improvement in the parent and peer relationships, quality of sleep, number of overnight stays and in school performance. Most parents know that their child doesn’t wet on purpose, but hassles of daily laundry, last minute morning showers and cleaning mattresses can take its toll on family relationships.

Use the latest information and technology

Despite the published studies demonstrating effectiveness of treatment such as the bedwetting alarm, it appears that this information has not become general knowledge for modern parents. Bedwetting alarms’ technology has advanced to small, comfortable child-friendly wireless models that even a 5 or 6 year old can use. There are receivers for parent’s rooms, alarms with numerous sound and vibration choices, and all colors to choose from. Bedwetting alarms are acceptable to most kids, especially when presented as a reminder tool to help them learn to wake up when they need to use the bathroom.

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