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Results with the Dry-Me Alarm

What a success story from this Mommy Blogger, Shawn Ann, from Shawn Ann’s World. Her son was wetting every night and had not responded to waking by parents, setting a timer and limiting fluids. Read their story here. While using … Continue reading

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Sean Combs: Kool-Aid, Sugar and His Bed wetting

Even popular musicians have been bed wetters! In today’s interview with Ellen DeGeneres, “Diddy” Combs revealed that he used to be a bed wetter. He mentions the association of his bedwetting and mostly drinking sugar-laden Kool-Aid as a kid. He … Continue reading

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Parents Hear the Craziest Things

I have to share this funny story a mother of a 9 year-old recently told me. Her son has had bedwetting every night of his life and it’s been bothering him more now that he’s older. They’ve had more conversations … Continue reading

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