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“Tips for How to Stop Bedwetting” Interview

I answered questions for LoveToKnow.com, who did an article on bedwetting, published today, May 5, 2011. I’ll share it with you because there are many answers to commonly asked questions. LoveToKnow Kids recently had the pleasure of speaking with Renee … Continue reading

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Bedwetting and Sleep Apnea: New Research

It was commonly believed that children with sleep apnea had more bedwetting than the average child. However, in the newest research from Hong Kong, published in J of Peds online, 14 March 2011, the results suggest something different. The parents … Continue reading

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Caffeine and Bedwetting

The results of an interesting study looking at the relationship of caffeine intake and bedwetting were published Dec.17, 2010, in www.jpeds.com. Enuresis (bedwetting) and caffeine consumption were not significantly correlated in this group of 201 five to twelve year old … Continue reading

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