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Poop Problems when Toilet Training

Nothing is more frustrating for parents that having a 3 or 4 year old who is having success using the potty for stools, then suddenly stops. Barbara Howard, MD, Behavioral Pediatrician, just published an excellent article in Pediatric News, titled … Continue reading

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Won’t Stop Playing to Use Bathroom

Help! My 6 year old daughter will not stop playing to use the bathroom. When she squirms, I remind her to go. She reluctantly stops and always has a lot to pee out. But if I don’t remind her, she … Continue reading

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Bladder Conditioning Device

What is a bladder conditioning device? A bladder conditioning device is more commonly referred to as a bedwetting alarm. Other names for a bedwetting alarm include a pad-and-buzzer apparatus, pee alarm, bell and pad alarm, moisture sensing device, pee alert, … Continue reading

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