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Caffeine and Bedwetting

The results of an interesting study looking at the relationship of caffeine intake and bedwetting were published Dec.17, 2010, in www.jpeds.com. Enuresis (bedwetting) and caffeine consumption were not significantly correlated in this group of 201 five to twelve year old … Continue reading

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6 Year Old Wets Himself

SW writes, “hi my son is almost 6 and wets himself most nights..we have tried lifting, waking him up etc still doesnt make much difference..he comes into us just after he has wet or gets up himself and just changes … Continue reading

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Sports Drinks and Bedwetting

My 12 year old son plays a lot of sports and often has a red or blue sports drink to rehydrate.  He seems to wet more often on the nights he has a sports practice or game?  Is there a … Continue reading

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