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DRI Eclipse and DRI Excel – New Products

We’re happy to add two new alarms to our bedwetting alarm selection-the DRI Eclipse and the DRI Excel. Occasionally, families prefer not to take their children out of pull-ups when they begin using a bedwetting alarm. Most alarms are designed … Continue reading

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Travel and Bedwetting Protection

Our family is traveling for a week over the holidays. My son has been successfully using a bed-wetting alarm for the past month. He has been having some dry nights but isn’t consistently dry yet. We are staying with relatives … Continue reading

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Bedwetting Underwear

My son is 6 and he wets every night.  He is a little immature and not ready to start using a bedwetting alarm yet.  He’s a big guy for his age and the children’s pull-ups don’t hold him all night.  … Continue reading

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