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Fast Progress in 11 Year Old

The parents of an 11 year old boy wanted to share their story. “CG had wet every night of his life. Dad had a history of wetting until he was 13 and mom wet until third grade. CG really wanted … Continue reading

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NEW! Sleep Overs XL Pull-ups

Sleep Over Pull-ups by Prevail now come in a larger XL size, which work for children up to 140#. Traditional pull-ups often accommodate children or teens up to 125#, but until now, larger children would have to transition to adult … Continue reading

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Wetting the Bed – How to Stop

My 8 year old son is still wetting the bed. He sleeps so soundly that he doesn’t even know when it happens. He really wants to become dry and is so frustrated. Help! It sounds like your son is ready … Continue reading

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