Our Alarm Chooser

5 Jan
How do I choose the bed wetting alarm that is right for my child? Your question is one that we frequently get. It’s true that there are many choices and that some alarms work better than others in certain situations....
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Bed Wetting Cure with Alarm

2 Sep
“I’d be glad if you posted this, as our experience was fantastic, and it might influence someone else’s situation”, writes AA from Irvine, CA. So blog readers, here is one family’s account of their daughter being cured of bedwetting. “Our...
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9 year old Upset at Bedtime

17 May
LS writes, My 9 year old daughter wears a pull-up and is wet every night. She’s recently starting crying and becoming upset at bedtime. She thinks the pull-ups are for babies and she’s so frustrated that she cannot stay dry,...
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