Ten Great Uses for a Vibrating Reminder Watch

19 Aug

This NEW Rodger 8-Alarm stylish reminder watch is so cool that no one will know that its special function is to provide a discreet vibratory reminder. Not only that—but it comes with two additional bands that can change the look.

We all have daily activities that would get done more regularly if we had a reminder. Here is my Top 10 list of reasons that a watch like this can help you and your child stay on schedule.

1. Mom alert – carpools, leaving office on time, pacing leaving the house, anything that requires you to be on time

2. Timed voiding – for reminding any child or adult to use the toilet every couple hours during the day

3. ADD/ADHD – remind you to stay on task, frequent discreet reminders help with behavioral modification

4. Practice times – agreed upon increments of time help kids know how long they should practice the piano, an instrument, or a sport

5. Medication – fosters independence in taking medicine on time

6. Glucose monitoring– discreet reminder of glucose testing or insulin dosing

7. Sports Refereeing – countdown timer, strong vibration that won’t be ignored in noisy environment

8. Hearing impaired – vibratory alert

9. Aviation– reminder for changing tanks, when audible alarms would not be heard

10. Appointment regulating – discreet reminders for finishing up with appointments or meetings

This list could go on and on. I personally used a watch for reminding me to pick my son up from school. The minutes in the afternoon seemed to fly by so I reminded myself to finish up so I could leave in 5 minutes.

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