Using the Rodger Wireless Alarm

16 May

This alarm is becoming very popular and is well-suited for children who prefer to wear the special moisture sensing underwear and to get out of bed to turn off the alarm unit. There is no shoulder unit with this alarm.

The Rodger Wireless Alarm has 3 parts.

The underwear:
Have the special moisture sensing threads built in
Are comfortable to wear and easy to remember to put on
Are machine washable and dryable (just remember to remove the snap-on transmitter before washing)
Make snapping on the transmitter easy to do

The transmitter:
Snaps on the underwear and is secured with the Velcro strap
Sends a signal to the receiver when moisture is sensed
Needs to be paired with the receiver when you receive it
Is small and comfortable
Requires a CR2032 battery, which is included in the package or already installed
Should be unsnapped from the underwear when not being used

The receiver:
Can be plugged into the wall or use AAA batteries, not both at the same time
Is where the sound comes from
Can make 8 different sounds, just listen to the sounds and push SELECT when you pick your favorite
Has a volume adjustment; press + or – to raise or lower the volume after triggering the alarm to sound
Is turned off and on by pressing the large button in the middle
Should be turned off in the morning and on at night

This wireless alarm can be ordered with an additional receiver for parent’s room. This is especially helpful if you are located far from your child’s room. This second receiver sounds at the same time as the child’s receiver and can be turned off when your child handles everything independently.

If you choose a vibrating cushion as an accessory to this alarm, it is connected directly into the alarm receiver. The receiver must be plugged in, not running on batteries for this to work. The vibrating cushion is placed on the bed and adds the vibratory stimulus to help alert your child.

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