Will this work for my 6 year old?

11 Dec

MK writes and wants to know if her 6 year old daughter, who has never had a dry night, is a good candidate for a bedwetting alarm. She mentioned her daughter’s wetting to her pediatrician at her last check-up, who ruled out any urinary infections, but offered no suggestions to stop the wetting. Her daughter is beginning to be embarrassed by wearing disposable pants at night, especially since her 4 year old sibling has been dry for a year. Her daughter seems to sleep very soundly and is never aware of when the wetting is occurring. MK has memories of wetting herself until 9 or 10 and would like to help her daughter get to dryness before then, if possible.

MK, your daughter sounds like a perfect candidate for a bedwetting alarm. A bedwetting alarm can described to her as “a reminder so that you and mommy know when you need to go to the bathroom”. I often choose a small, wearable single tone alarm such as the Malem red or Malem Ultimate purple or pink for a child your daughter’s age. The red auditory alarm is the smallest alarm. The Ultimate alarms sound and vibrate both. Either are good choices.

When you receive the alarm, play with it for a few minutes. Demonstrate to your daughter that the alarm makes no sound when attached to dry panties. Then wet the cloth, attach the sensor, and listen to it sound. Remember, this alarm is always turned off by doing two things: first lift the sensor tab, and then push the reset button. Anytime the alarm is triggered, it is turned off this way. (If the two metal plates in the sensor come in contact with each other, the alarm will sound. The dry cloth interrupts the circuit. Wet cloth completes it.)

My book, “Seven Steps to Nighttime Dryness”, describes in detail what you can expect each step of the way when using an alarm. I recommend it, not only because I wrote it, but because knowing what to expect when using a bedwetting alarm greatly contributes to a successful outcome.

The other items you’ll need are some mattress overlays. These are quilted pieces of fabric that lie on top of the sheet and are washable and waterproof. Because your daughter will no longer wear a pull-up at night once she begins using her alarm, make the middle of the night clean-up as easy as possible. You can simply remove the wet overlay and replace it with a clean one, enabling your daughter to quickly go back to a clean bed. In the morning, you have an overlay or two to wash, which is much easier than two sets of sheets. The Starter Kit has everything that you need to begin: an alarm, two overlays and my book (and saves you money over buying these things separately).

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