DRI Eclipse Bedwetting Alarm Treatment Kit

    We packaged our most essential items together into one comprehensive Kit to meet your specific needs! Based on our customer’s feedback, this really is everything that you need to get started and be successful in helping your child get to dryness. This Treatment Kit contains the DRI Eclipse alarm, two mattress overlays and our best book, "Seven Steps to Nighttime Dryness". And the best part is that you get to choose what you need and save money over ordering everything separately!

    This Treatment Kit contains the DRI Eclipse Wireless Bedwetting alarm. This alarm is an easy to use alarm that works without wires. A small battery operated Urosensor is worn by your child to bed. When your child wets, the sensor detects the urine and transmits a signal to a small receiver that emits a loud chirping noise to alert you and your child. The Urosensor (urine detector) can be used with a mini pad, pull–up or sandwiched between two pair of underwear. You simply cut a slit in a mini pad or pull–up and slide the Urosensor in place.

    The alarm receiver is placed on a table or night stand so your child must get up and get out of bed to switch the sound off. The alarm emits a loud chirping sound from the receiver. The volume can be adjusted inside the battery compartment. A on/off switch on the side of the receiver allows you to control the unit.

    The wireless Urosensor should not need replacing because it has no moving parts and is fully sealed, eliminating the risk of urine getting inside. The internal battery will last two to three years. However, it may be damaged if it is put through the washer and dryer (the static electricity of the dryer can cause damage) so make sure it has been removed from the underwear before washing.

    You get to Pick Your Overlays. This kit contains two washable, waterproof overlays that lay on top of the sheet. These help with the transition from disposable pants to cloth underwear by decreasing the laundry burden! Start the night off laying on one overlay, and simply replace it with a clean one when your child wets. Choose from the flat overlays that lay smoothly on the sheet or the tuck–in style, with 18 inch flaps of fabric sewn on each end of the pad. These tuck–in tails allow you to secure the ends of the pad between the upper and lower mattress––nice if your child is a restless sleeper. Designate a flat or tuck–in regular (twin) or large (full) overlay, depending on the size of bed your child sleeps in. (If your child sleeps in a queen or king size bed, select the larger full overlay.)

    ALSO INCLUDED in your kit is our top book, “Seven Steps to Nighttime Dryness”, an essential guide for parents assisting their children in the proper use of a bedwetting alarm. It covers how to use the alarm, expected progress at each stage, how long to use the alarm plus answers hundreds of commonly asked questions.

    This Treatment Kit contains everything you need to help your child achieve success– all for one low price!

    Comments from the Bedwetting Store

    Dry Matters App

    The DRI Eclipse Urosensor is suitable to use in a pull-up or minipad. Simply cut a 1 inch slit on the inside of pad or the pull-up in the crotch area. Insert the point of the scissors into the slit, and moving the scissors from side to side, make a small tunnel into which you can insert the detector. To make sure that the Urosensor stays in place, it can be useful to tape across the slit once you have put the detector inside. The Velcro piece that secures the alarm to the pajama shoulder can be pinned or sewn in place. The covering layer of some pullups and minipads are designed to keep the user dry, and if the Urosensor is placed just under that layer, it may not trigger. It is best to insert the Urosensor under the layers of the absorbent material so that they will become wet and press onto the Urosensor.

    Alternative placement is to use underwear with double fabric in the front fly area. Cut a slit in the outside layer toward the crotch and insert the Urosensor inside with the black sensing strip facing the user. Note: Wrapping the Urosensor in a tissue before insertion can help the wetting to be detected more quickly. Another option is to wear two pairs of close fitting underwear and put the Urosensor, wrapped in a tissue or not wrapped, between the two pairs. (More extensive placement instructions)


    ContentsAlarm, two overlays, book
    Alarm TypeSound
    Warranty6 Months
    Sensor TypeUrosensor included
    Sensor BatteryNon-replaceable sealed battery that lasts 2 to 3 years
    Overlay ColorWhite
    Overlay Size
    • Regular – 33"x35"
    • Large – 34"x46"
    Book122 pages
    Instruction ManualDRI Eclipse Instruction Manual
    DRI Eclipse Urosensor Tips
    Care InstructionsHand wash the Remote Urosensor with a liquid soap wash after each night and rinse in water thoroughly and dry with a tissue. It is important to remove all urine and soap residue. Be careful NOT to machine wash - as this may result in permanent damage.

    Questions on DRI Eclipse Bedwetting Alarm Treatment Kit

    • From Cindy at 1/20/14
    • Are you going to offer starter kits with XL overlays?
    • Yes, you may call our Customer Service Center at 1-800-214-9605 to place an order.
    • From Frannie at 7/23/10
    • Will there be additional things that I need once we start using the alarm?
    • No, the alarm, overlays and informative book included in this kit should be all that you need to be successful. The overlays make middle-of-the-night clean up much easier and the book tells you what to expect when your child uses a bedwetting alarm.
    • From Diane at 9/10/11
    • Is there a way to adjust the volume on the alarm unit?
    • Yes, the alarm unit is set to a high sound volume, but it can be increased if you prefer. Open the battery compartment on the base of the case. There is a volume control, which is adjustable with a small screwdriver, inside this battery compartment.
    • From Annie at 10/20/11
    • Which side of the sensor should be closest to the body?
    • The two black sensing strips, which detect the wetness, should be closest to the body.
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    DRI Eclipse Bedwetting Alarm Treatment Kit

    Save on essential items to get you started
    • DRI Eclipse Bedwetting Alarm
      • Small, wireless transmitter with receiver
      • Urine sensor worn inside a mini pad or pull-up
      • Remote Urosensor transmitter is docked on the alarm unit when not in use
      • Two waterproof overlays
        • Choose flat or tuck-in
        • Washable
        • Our best parent resource, "Seven Steps to Nighttime Dryness"
        • Savings up to $24
        • Comes with unlimited access to all Bedwetting Store resources and support from our team. Learn More
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