Potty Seat Transition

Most younger children begin potty training with a free-standing seat on the floor. This is preferred because it can be easily moved to the room you spend the most time in, it is small so the kids can sit on it independently and it is less frightening than the big toilet seat.

After kids get used to using this little potty, there comes a time to transition to the regular toilet in the regular bathroom. Some seats, such as the 4-in-1 Soft Seat Toilet Trainer, come with a seat reducer that can be removed and used on the adult toilet. The bottom transitions to a step stool.

Seat reducers fit over the big toilet and make the seat smaller. They often have handles for little hands to securely hold on to. Portable seat reducers can be packed in the diaper bag and used when travelling. The toilet seat is less threatening when it is smaller and is more familiar.

A step stool or a little step ladder is useful for shorter children to climb up on the toilet by themselves. The Cushie Step Up securely combines a ladder and the seat reducer in one system. Having a step or stool for feet placement is essential when having children sit to have bowel movements.