Reusable Female Cotton Comfort Incontinence Panty (White or Beige)

    These reusable incontinence panties for women provide full coverage against leakage, and are great for light to moderate incontinence. For a better fit, coverage, and leakage protection, these panties feature an elastic waistband and elastic leg cuffs. These Wearever incontinence panties use the sewn in Unique-Dri™ absorbent pad that traps liquid. This pad is absorbent enough to manage light to moderate incontinence, so you won’t need additional disposable pads or inserts. Plus, these incontinence panties have Agion™ antimicrobial fibers sewn into the fabric to kill odor causing bacteria. For even more protection, this reusable incontinence underwear has a waterproof outer layer that prevents leakage. These reusable incontinence panties are made of a cotton-polyester blend, and can be machine washed and dried up to 200-250 times. Available in either white or beige. Choose either a pack of 3 or a single panty.

    Size Chart
    Size Waist/Hip Measurements Price
    Small 35-37 inches $12.99 each; $34.99 3-pack
    Medium 38-40 inches $12.99 each; $34.99 3-pack
    Large 41-42 inches $12.99 each; $34.99 3-pack
    Extra Large 43-44 inches $12.99 each; $34.99 3-pack
    XXL 45-48 inches $12.99 each; $34.99 3-pack
    XXXL 49-51 inches $12.99 each; $34.99 3-pack
    4XL 52-55 inches $16.99 each; $38.99 3-pack
    5XL 55-57 inches $16.99 each; $38.99 3-pack
    6XL 57-59 inches $16.99 each; $38.99 3-pack
    7XL 59-61 inches $16.99 each; $38.99 3-pack
    8XL 61-63 inches $16.99 each; $38.99 3-pack

    Comments from the Bedwetting Store

    These incontinence panties are an excellent, environmentally friendly alternative to disposable incontinence products. Great for people with light to moderate incontinence, these reusable incontinence panties are great at preventing leakage due to the sewn-in absorbent pad and waterproof outer layer. And with these panties you don’t have to worry about embarrassing odors since it has antimicrobial fibers sewn in that kills odor-causing bacteria. Plus, you’ll save money since you won’t need additional pads or inserts to manage your light to moderate incontinence!

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    Reusable Female Cotton Comfort Incontinence Panty (White or Beige)

    • Reusable incontinence panties for women made of cotton-polyester blend
    • Unique-Dri™ absorbent pad prevents leakage without inserts or disposable pads
    • Waterproof outer layer for added protection
    • Agion™ antimicrobial fibers kill odor-causing bacterial
    • White in color; machine washable and dryable
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