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Families who shop at the Bedwetting Store are more successful in achieving dryness.

Bedwetting alarms are a drug-free, safe and effective solution for bedwetting. They're also a process, not an instant fix. Your family's journey to permanent nighttime dryness will most likely take several weeks, and you'll have questions along the way.

Our entire team is dedicated to helping families achieve success.

Bedwetting Store Survey Results

When you purchase from us, you'll get:

  1. 1. Unlimited access to our certified Bedwetting Experts

    We’re easy to contact and eager to help. You can reach us by:

    • Calling 1-800-214-9605 Monday through Friday from 8 to 6 p.m. EST
    • Chatting with us via during regular business hours
    • Emailing us any time day or night, and we'll get back to you within one business day

    Our entire team has been extensively trained in treating bedwetting. Whether you're searching for the best bedwetting alarm for your family or are about to reach permanent nighttime dryness, we can answer any questions you have.

    Plus, if you like, we'll check in with you by email to keep you informed and motivated throughout your journey. You can opt in or out of this option during checkout.

  2. Bedwetting Store Resources and Tools

    2. Unlimited access to our exclusive bedwetting resources

    This includes:

    • Progress charts - Seeing progress makes a difference
    • How-to videos - Watch how it's done
    • Free mobile app - Answers at your fingertips
    • Alarm tips sheet - Helpful tips from the experts
    • and more!
  3. 3. Guaranteed positive changes as your child experiences dry nights

    Families we help not only conquer bedwetting, they see many other positive changes in their child as well. An overwhelming number of our customers, whose children have used a bedwetting alarm purchased from us, report an increase in their child's self-esteem, their quality of sleep, relationships with their peers and parents, in their overnight stays and in their school performance.

    In the survey below, the median age of the child was 7-8 years but the ages of children ranged from less than 5 to 15 or older. There were 69% boys and 31% girls. The bedwetting alarm was used from less than 1 month to more than 6 months, with the median length of time, 3-6 months.

    Bedwetting Store Survey Results

    You don't have to live with bedwetting. If you want to successfully help your child become dry at night, browse our alarms, try our Alarm Chooser below, or call our friendly Bedwetting Experts at 1-800-214-9605 for free, no-pressure advice!

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    • I just want to thank you for your product and all the support your company gave.

      I am happy to say both my 8 year old and my 6 year old are both finally dry all night. They were both such heavy sleepers -- I thought we'd never see this day. I can tell their self esteem has increased and I am happy to report my daughter is having her first slumber party! Keep up the work! -- Deanna L.
    • The information that you included with the monitor and the e-mail encouragement have been very helpful.

      We felt like we were the only people with a child with this extreme of a bed wetting problem. You described our situation so clearly we knew that was obviously not the case. Thanks so much for a wonderful product and wonderful support. -- Julie J.
    • If I have questions the people there help answer them to the best of their knowledge.

      If they do not know they will find the answers or refer me to a place that does have the answers. My son has been quite successful with his alarm. Of course, he has his good nights & his bad nights (especially in the beginning) but we are sticking behind him 110%. Thank You! -- Jess K.
    • I felt so very prepared by your materials on the website and in the booklet.

      I was so pleased that all of your information was written with a tone of such acceptance of this condition instead of humiliation and condescension. Her father, grandmother, & half-sister all had a history of bedwetting until age 15/16; I never expected it to work. But she was dry much sooner than I expected. -- Clinton D.