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Brief Sizing


Selecting the right size brief is important to get the greatest waterproof protection. Each product has a size chart to guide your choice.

Super Undies Waterproof Bedwetting Underwear

What to Consider:

  • Measure your child’s waist to determine the correct size.
  • Allow for shrinkage because this underwear is 100% cotton. The underwear can be machine washed in warm water and detergent, and then tumble dried at low temperature. Fabric softeners and soap based products are not recommended because they interfere with optimal absorbency. If the waist measurement is at the upper edge of the size category, select the next larger size.
  • Absorbency can be doubled by adding a disposable booster pad insert over the sewn-in absorbent pad.
  • Stretch is minimal in Bedtime Pants because of the waterproof vinyl layer sandwiched between the two layers of cotton.
  • Padded cloth makes these pants bulkier than regular underwear.

These waterproof, washable underwear offer a discreet, latex-free and reusable alternative to disposables. They provide protection to bedding and allow children to sleep comfortably and attend school without worries of urine leakage to clothing.