Max Archer, Kid Detective: The Case of the Wet Bed

Max Archer, Kid Detective is a great book to teach kids about bedwetting. Max helps his eight year old friend, Billy Parker, solve his bedwetting mystery. Max teaches Billy how "pee" is made, simple daily exercises he can perform to help him learn to stay dry, and how to visualize staying dry at night. The book includes colorful diagrams, fun games, and plenty of interactive material to keep any kid engaged! The short chapters make this a perfect pre-bed book.

This book is written in a witty, easy to read format with lots of great illustrations and charts to help kids learn. The book is the perfect first step to tackling bedwetting, as it gives kids many practical solutions they can try. If your child is looking to take control of their wetting, but maybe you aren't quite ready to take the plunge and get an alarm, this book provides the first steps to dryness.

Dr. Bennett has succeeded once again in writing a captivating and insightful book. This easy-to-read chapter book is written for kids ages 4-8 who are looking for answers to help them achieve nighttime dryness. The book follows Max Archer, Kid Detective as he helps his friend Billy solve his bedwetting mystery. Max stopped bedwetting and now has the answers to help Billy stop too. Your child can join the Poop Patrol and Stream Team as they learn what they can do to avoid bedwetting.

This book features colorful pictures and short chapters, making it perfect for before bed. The real life suggestions make it great for any kid wanting to take control of their bedwetting. There is a Q & A section for parents and a cool word search for kids. Dr. Bennett provides practical solutions for kids who may not be ready for an alarm. This book is the perfect first step in achieving dryness.


Dr. Howard J Bennett is a leading expert on bedwetting. He is a pediatrician in Washington, D.C. and lives in Maryland. His book, Waking Up Dry, has helped thousands of kids achieve dryness. While many doctors don't see bedwetting as a serious medical condition, Dr. Bennett is on a mission to help kids preserve their self esteem and overcome bedwetting. In his most recent book, he gives kids the power to take control of their wetting through simple bowel and bladder management. While he notes at the end of the book kids may need an alarm to ultimately achieve dryness, his easy, natural, and practical recommendations in the book can help kids move towards dryness.

Length 48 pages
Publisher American Psychological Association
Language English
Reading Level Ages 4–8
ISBN 9781433809538
Product Dimensions 6" x 9" x 0.25"
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Customer Reviews

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This really helped us

The person on the bedwetting store chat suggested this book. My son is very motivated to be dry and listened to every word. He also took the book to bed and reread it on his own. He has been dry every night for almost two weeks. Major improvement!

Fun book with compelling advice

This book is definitely for the more mature child who wants to understand what is going on in their body and who can comprehend that there are steps to try in order to solve bedwetting. It does a great job of not making the child feel bad about bedwetting. I love the concept of the kid detective in this book-it goes along with what so many children are exposed to in their day-to-day television, book and movie media. The last few pages contain some ""games"" for children as well as some helpful guidance for parents. Overall it is an entertaining book that is direct about its message of solving a complicated and sometimes embarrassing situation.