Rodger 8-Alarm Vibration Reminder Watch

  • Set up to 8 timed reminders and forget about it
  • Lock the settings to prevent accidental changes
  • Choose vibration or sound alarm or both
  • Comes in 4 stylish colors

This stylish kid-friendly reminder watch is so cool that no one will know that it has a special function to provide a discreet timed reminder. You can set up to 8 individual times for the watch to vibrate, sound or both vibrate and sound. This watch vibrates discreetly for 12 seconds, making it hard for even the preoccupied child to ignore. Its small size and fully adjustable vinyl band with multiple holes allows it to securely fit even the smallest wrists.

After setting your predetermined times, simply use the watch's LOCK feature to lock the buttons and settings. This will prevent your child from disabling the alarms during the day. In addition to the individual timed reminders, this watch can be used for telling time, as well as a countdown timer and/or a stopwatch.

Manufacturer Rodger
Warranty 1 year
Countdown Timer Starts at 15 minutes to 23 hours and 59 minutes
Independent Alarms Eight
Alarm Type Vibration and/or Sound
Battery Eveready CR2032 Lithium (1)
Back light No
Color R8VW-BC - Blue Chevron
R8VW-PC - Pink Chevron
R8VW-GC - Green Chevron
R8VW-RC - Red Chevron
Product Dimensions Watch band - 8"
Water Resistance Withstands accidental splashing, but should not be used near water, or during swimming or bathing
Features Latex free
Shipping Weight 6.5 ounces (View shipping rates and policies)
Instruction Manual Rodger Watch Instruction Manual
Care Instructions Keep clean and dry. DO NOT bathe or swim with unit.
WARRANTY 1-year warranty from manufacturer against manufacturer defects and against breakage or failure under normal use - at our discretion.

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
It helps my boy a lot!! Good stuff!

It reminds my son to use potty every two hours during the day. He loves it and now he got more confidence!

Alarm set

I bought the watch for my son, to remind him to go on time, and it helps him a lot, every morning he wears it after he dress for school. I was looking for some similar a few months ago, and his Doctor gave us the information where to get it.

Great watch!!

Got this for my 6 yr old who was having problems with wetting while at school. He was having accidents 2 to 3 times a week. After taking him to a pediatric urologist who recommended this vibrating watch there are no more accidents. He is excited to wear his watch everyday and the customizing of the alarms allowed us to tailor his habits to the school day and with the vibrating feature he wouldn't draw attention to himself. No more accidents! Would definitely recommend this product to anyone in the future.

Poor product and service

Watch broke within 2 days of my son wearing it. Vibrating alarm would not work. I had to pay shipping to send it back. When I finally received a replacement the note said after extensive testing the first watch was found to be defective. I was frustrated I had to pay return shipping when the watch was defective in the first place

A regular watch cost less

I work for a doctor's office and we promote this watch to a lot of the bed wedding parents we give our brochures all about the bed wedding products that are available so I thought that it would be such a wonderful product to dry on my own child and I thought it would be very effective the cost was extremely high setting up the watch was extremely difficult and the product was a complete failure with all the trouble that I went through to get the watch to wait for the watch to be shipped to my home the time it took to set up the watch and the outcome was just not what I was looking for unfortunately I would never recommend this watch I could have just went to Walmart and purchase a regular watch that does the same thing for Less then $20 my daughter never woke up some nice the alarm didn't go off the vibration wasn't enough for my daughter to wake her up so she continue to wet the bed