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Rodger 8-Alarm Vibration Reminder Watch (Blue Chevron)


    • Set up to eight timed reminders and forget about it
    • Lock the settings to prevent accidental changes
    • Choose vibration or sound alarm or both
    • Comes in four stylish colors
    • Each watch includes two extra interchangeable watch bands and changing tool
  • This stylish kid-friendly reminder watch is so cool that no one will know that it has a special function – to provide a discreet timed reminder. You can set up to 8 individual times for the watch to vibrate, sound or both vibrate and sound. This watch vibrates discreetly for 12 seconds, making it hard for even the preoccupied child to ignore. Its small size and fully adjustable vinyl band with multiple holes allows it to securely fit even the smallest wrists.

    After setting your predetermined times, simply use the watch's LOCK feature to lock the buttons and settings. This will prevent your child from disabling the alarms during the day. In addition to the individual timed reminders, this watch can be used for telling time, as well as a countdown timer and/or a stopwatch.

    Kids can be rough on watch bands so this one comes with two spare bands. If a band gets dirty or worn out, simply replace it using the enclosed tool. Additional bands in other colors can be ordered here.

    WARRANTY 1-year warranty from manufacturer against manufacturer defects and against breakage or failure under normal use - at our discretion.
    COLOR Blue Chevron
    STYLE Blue Chevron