Tranquility Peach Sheet Underpad (Pack of 12) - Using I-2074-P Instead

  • Provides for exceptional skin dryness, odor elimination, bacterial control, and pH neutralization
  • Perfect for positioning to wheelchairs, bedding, and furniture
  • Latex-free
This peach sheet absorbs well over one quart of fluid.


Tranquility Peach disposable underpads save your sheets and bedding from stains and wetness. Since these underpads are disposable, accidents are easy to cleanup. These pads make travelling stress free without having to worry about nighttime accidents. Work for beds, couches, cribs, air mattresses and any other flat surface. If the user is restless, Prevail disposable pads with adhesive strips or tuck-in flaps are a good option.

STYLE Disposable
SOLD BY Pack of 12