Recommended Alarms

  • Rodger Wireless
    Bedwetting Alarm

    Rodger Wireless
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    Rodger Wireless
    Bedwetting Alarm

    This alarm requires the fewest steps when getting ready for bed; simply put on the special underwear, snap the transmitter in place and make sure the receiver is turned on. There are no worries about sensor placement or choosing the right underwear. The special underwear detects urine quickly, no matter what the position is when the wetting occurs. The receiver is plugged into a wall outlet and can remain there. The user must get out of bed to turn off the receiver once it sounds (8 pre-recorded tones). An additional receiver for parent’s room can be ordered, which is helpful if the rooms are far apart. A vibratory cushion can be ordered to shake the top of the bed when wetting occurs. Two pair of washable underwear (blue or white) are included with the alarm and others can be purchased separately. Unless you get laundry done on a daily basis, ordering a few extra pairs of briefs is helpful, especially in the early learning phase This alarm is ideal for those with intermittent wetting. The underwear is so easy to put on each night, it is sure to be there on the nights you wet and need to be alerted.

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  • Malem Ultimate
    Bedwetting Alarm

    Malem Ultimate
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    Malem Ultimate
    Bedwetting Alarm

    This alarm has both sound and a strong vibration. The compact alarm fastens to the shoulder of the shirt so it is always close to the ear, even with nighttime movement. This is our most popular alarm and uses a set of long lasting AAA batteries. The unique easy clip sensor (in all Malem alarms) securely attaches to the outside of your own cloth briefs, without a chance of it accidentally pulling off. Wearing close fitting underwear, not boxers, is best. This alarm allows the choice of 8 various sounds so you can pick the one that alerts you best or is similar to your phone ring tone. This alarm is loud enough for the parents to respond to initially so the user can be assisted to the bathroom. You have the option of choosing either sound or vibration but it is best to begin with both.

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  • Clippo
    Bedwetting Alarm

    Rodger Clippo - Lightning
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    Rodger Clippo Bedwetting Alarm

    This kid-friendly basic alarm uses both sounds and vibration. It is economically priced, and provides a durable and consistent response to wetness. Kids enjoy being able to personalize this alarm by choosing one of 9 "skins" to make it something they enjoy using. The sensor fastens to the outside of the user's underwear, and the alarm unit magnetically attaches to the pajama shoulder.

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For Boys Ages 7 to 12

  • Quick Statistics

  • 5-15% of boys this age still wet nightly
  • 85% chance of still wetting in 1 year without any treatment
  • 72% of boys have improved self-esteem after treatment
  • If one parent wets, 44% chance children will wet. If both parents wet, 77% chance children will wet
  • Usual Signs & Symptoms

  • Deep sleeper
  • Sleeps through wetting
  • May have daytime urgency
  • When to Treat

  • Notices same age friends
    are dry
  • Misses sleepovers
  • Embarrassed, may hide
    wet clothes
  • Wants to be dry
  • If affected parent didn’t stop bedwetting until older
  • Treatment Considerations

  • Families who shop with us get access to all Bedwetting Store resources and support from our team
  • Typical treatment time is 8-12 weeks
  • Most children do not initially awaken to the alarm for a few weeks
  • Research shows bedwetting alarms are
    best cure
  • Parents ensure child gets to bathroom
  • Child learns to wake to full bladder
  • Alarms work best with cloth underwear
  • Waterproof pads help with clean up
  • Starter Kits contain everything you’ll need
    to begin
  • All-In-One treatment kits offer the best chance for success!
  • Wired alarms, like the Malem Ultimate, allow the child to wear his own underwear
  • Wireless alarms are easiest for kids to use alone because there is no worry about
    sensor placement
  • Dri Eclipse is the only pull-up compatible alarm