Learning to learn

19 Jun

I was recently at a meeting where the speaker was talking about the best employees. He stated that the best workers are ones who have “learned how to learn”. I would like to extend that to parents. The best parents have learned that each child is different and they need to continuously learn new techniques, new communication styles, new ways to deal with behavior, etc. By coming to this website and searching for tools and solutions to end your child’s bedwetting, you have taken an important first step.

Many moms and dads talk to me about the frustration that they sometimes feel when faced with their child’s bedwetting. It’s hard for families who have not experienced ongoing bedwetting issues to be empathetic and it’s hard to take health care provider’s advice “don’t worry; he’ll grow out of it”. Learning about techniques like using bedwetting alarms to help your child learn a new behavior speeds up the resolution of bedwetting.

Let me know what you have “learned” along the way to solving your child’s bedwetting so I can learn from you and share with others. Thanks!

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