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Pee Alarm for Night Time Potty Training

October 16, 2012 2 min read

My sister told me about a "pee alarm she used for her son to get dry at night. My 7 year old son still wets every night and I'm at my wIt's end. He still wears disposables and they are soaked every night. He is increasingly frustrated. Is a pee alarm a good solution?

Pee alarms, also known as bedwetting or enuresis alarms, have been proven to be the most effective cure for bedwetting.

Most bedwetting children sleep through the entire wetting episode and have no idea that they are even wet until they wake up in the morning. Bed wetting alarms work by sensing wetness and alerting the child and parents that wetting is occurring.

Initially, he may not hear the alarm or know what to do next. Help him wake up and walk to the bathroom. Over time, he will begin to recognize the importance of the alarm's sound, stop the flow of urine and get to the bathroom.

Ultimately, his brain and bladder begin to work together to not release urine until he can be awakened or is already awake.

This page features the best alarms for a boy your son's age. The biggest difference is whether he prefers a wearable or wireless model. Alarms work best in school age children who are motivated to become dry.

Here are a few other tips to help school age children get to dryness.

Make sure your son:

-Is having regular bowel movements without constipation

-Has enough fluid intake during the day so he urinates every 2-3 hours

-Decreases evening intake of milk, carbonation, sugar and citrus

-Voids twice before bed, about 30 minutes apart

-Stops disposable pants when using the alarm, and protects bed with waterproof overlay

Patience and persistence pay off. Using a bedwetting alarm and following these tips should get your son to dryness in the next few months, rather than waiting years for him to "outgrow it". 

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