Boys Washable Absorbent Briefs

Brief Color
White with Stars
  • Usage: A washable, absorbent brief for children who need daytime protection without the disadvantages of disposable pants
  • Appearance: Navy color
  • Laundering: Machine wash and dry
  • Capacity: Sewn-in absorbent pad holds up to 200ml (7 oz) of fluid
  • Details: Extra gusset will accommodate booster pad for additional absorbency
  • View our size chart to find the perfect fit for your child

A washable, absorbent brief for children who need daytime protection. Designed specifically for children, these special washable briefs are designed to be discreet and highly absorbent. The washable, sewn-in, absorbent padding will absorb up to 200 ml. (approximately 7 ounces). These pants look like regular boys briefs to increase confidence and allow everyday activities to be carried out without embarrassment. They are manufactured from cotton for comfort and a close fit. They also have a waterproof protective area.

For those who require extra absorbency, a sewn-in gusset pouch holds a disposable booster pad which absorbs an additional 5-10 oz. This increases the absorbable urine capacity. Latex free. Individually packaged.


These briefs are great for transitions from disposable pants while working on daytime continence. For children who can't wait for the bathroom (i.e. children with urgency), these briefs protect from embarrassing accidents. They are ideal for school situations requiring waterproof underwear, because they are noiseless and have the appearance of regular briefs. These briefs work best for leaking situations. For protection from complete bladder emptying, the addition of a disposable booster pad is recommended to add an extra 5 to 10 ounces of absorbency. To estimate the bladder capacity of children, take their age and add two to estimate ounces of urine.

They are generally not intended for nighttime wetting since they may not hold enough urine to keep children dry at night. This depends upon each child. These briefs cannot be used in conjunction with most bedwetting alarms because of the waterproof area.

Manufacturer P & S Healthcare
Warranty 90 days
Color White or Navy Blue (depending on size)
Product Size See size chart. Briefs are imported from the UK and generally run a size smaller than average US briefs.
Shipping Weight 4 ounces (View shipping rates and policies)
Care Instructions Wash in hand-hot water, or machine wash using warm water and detergent. Wash using a detergent such as Tide or Cheer. DO NOT use soap based products or fabric softeners/conditioners or detergents that contain a conditioner. Do not use bleach. Tumble dry at low temperatures or line dry.


Size Waist Age
Medium 20 - 24 inches 5 - 6
Large 22 - 26 inches 7 - 8
Extra Large 24 - 28 inches 9 - 10
Extra Extra Large 28 - 32 inches 11 - 12
MANUFACTURER P and S Healthcare

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Good daytime option over Pull-Ups

I ordered five pairs for my 6 year old who was previously wearing pull-ups disposable training pants. He can feel wetness in these where he would use a pull-up like a diaper. Since switching to these, he makes it to pee in the toilet most of the time and will tell me immediately if he wets or dirties. Still using disposable diapers at night though, as he is a heavy wetter every night. These will normally keep him dry during naps.


Very disappointed! Tried these on my son who has ocassional daytime wetting issues. My son's pants were soaking wet after wearing these briefs and having a small accident on the way to the bathroom. Regular underwear seem more absorbent than these. Waste of money!

Great underpants for son

Seems to keep my son dry. Just a little bit bulky but it looks and feels good on him.

potty training undies

i would appreciate a deal like if you buy 5 you get one free as these are so pricey when one wants to buy a lot for potty training...

I would not buy again, they run small for a boy with a booty

I bought these for a 7 year old that was having mild incontinence due to a medication. Having been potty trained for years, he was horrified by the leaking. However, I passed these on to a smaller child as they were way too small (in the legs) and my sons tush hung out. While slender, he certainly does not have a flat tush.