Economy Disposable Waterproof Underpads

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  • Usage: Pads protect bedding and furniture from leakage
  • Available styles: Non-adhesive waterproof back and absorbent top
  • Position: Rests on top of bed sheet
  • Other: Convenient clean up, inexpensive, latex free

These disposable underpads provide great linen protection. The fluff underpads absorb up to a cup of fluid and are simple to replace when soiled. The large size works well for both beds and couches. The waterproof backing is polypropylene, which is naturally skin friendly and fire retardant. These underpads have no plastic edges and are latex free.


Economy disposable underpads save your sheets and bedding from stains and wetness. Since these underpads are disposable, accidents are easy to cleanup. These pads make traveling stress free without having to worry about nighttime accidents or leaky diapers. Work for beds, couches, cribs, air mattresses and any other flat surface. If the user is restless, StaPut disposable pads with adhesive strips or tuck-in flaps are a good option.

Latex free.

Color: Green.

Dimensions: Large: 23 x 36 in.

Shipping Weight:

  • I-UP-150-P Large (Pack of 15) 2 lbs.
  • I-UP-150-C Large (Case of 150) 18 lbs.
Manufacturer Prevail
Features Latex free
Color Green
Dimensions 23"x36"
Shipping Weight
  • I-UP-150-P, Large (Pack of 15) - 2 lbs.
  • I-UP-150-C, Large (Case of 150) - 18 lbs.
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Returns Returns are accepted within 30 days of purchase on unopened disposable packages only.
Care Instructions Dispose of properly.
STYLE Disposable
TYPE Underpad