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Abena Abri-Flex Premium Protective Underwear


  • To learn more about protective underwear and how it can help you, please read our blog topics:

  • The Abena Abri-Flex Premium Protective underwear diaper is known for its excellent quality and high absorbency. It is great for overnight use.

    The Abri-Flex keeps your child covered with absorbent protection zones in both the front and back, along with 4-strand elastics around the leg openings to keep moisture locked-in. These zones protect against leakage that may occur from standing up, providing you with peace of mind during all of life's daily activities.

    This protective underwear also comes with a wetness indicator which helps to decrease diaper rash and unnecessary changes. The waistband is made of extra-tall elastic to give your child added incontinence protection when sitting and lying down. For increased comfort, these absorbent underwear feature a breathable back cover for better skin care and less rustle while moving. The Abena premium underwear is latex-free.


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    Size Item Code Waist/Hip Absorb. Quantity
    Plus, Extra Small (3163) 17.5" - 27.5" 43 oz. Pack of 24
    Case of 96
    Plus, Small (41071) 23.5" - 35.5" 47 oz. Pack of 12
    Case of 84
    Plus, Medium (41083) 31.5" - 43" 50 oz. Pack of 14
    Case of 84
    Plus, Large (41086) 39" - 55" 64 oz. Pack of 14
    Case of 84
    Plus, Extra Large (41089) 51" - 67" 54 oz. Pack of 14
    Case of 84