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Additional Instructions for DRI Excel

Solutions for the DRI Excel Bedwetting Alarm

Placement of the Urosensor

The manufacturer's suggested solution is placing the Urosensor into the underwear inside an appropriate, absorbent holder - that can effectively transfer urine to the sensing surface in the quickest time.

Ideally, it should be comfortable for the user while making sure the sensor does not move while the child is sleeping. Through experience, testing, and customers solutions, we have found the following methods work very well - choose one that suits you best:

Using the Urosensor in a diaper

The Urosensor is suitable to use in a diaper. Some parents find this solution is great for younger children who still wear disposable diapers. Simply cut a 1 inch (25 millimeters) slit in the in the crotch area of the diaper, insert the point of the scissors into the slit, and moving the scissors from side to side, make a small tunnel into which you can insert the Urosensor. To make sure that the Urosensor stays in place, it can be useful to tape across the slit once you have put the detector inside.

The covering layer of some diapers and minipads can be designed to keep the user dry, and if the alarm Urosensor is placed just under that layer, the Urosensor may not trigger. If using this solution, it is best to insert the Urosensor under the layers of the absorbent material so that they will become wet and press onto the Urosensor.

Using fly front underwear:

Using underwear which has a fly front, cut a 1 inch slit through 1 layer only on the inside down towards the crotch area and insert the bedwetting alarm's Urosensor inside. Note: wrapping the Urosensor in tissue as in solution 1 can also help the bedwetting to be detected quicker.

Using a pants-liner:

The use of a pants-liner (or panty-liner) can be an off-putting idea for some boys. It is merely an option and has the advantage of providing a larger collecting area for the urine to "wick" onto the bedwetting alarm sensor.

If the Urosensor of the bedwetting alarm is to be put inside a pants liner, (any inexpensive one will do, but avoid the very thin type, they can cause unreliable triggering), this is done by cutting a 1 inch slit in the absorbing layers towards the middle of the liner. Put the point of the scissors inside the slit, and moving them backwards and forwards and downwards, create a tunnel inside the absorbing layers so that you can slip the bedwetting sensor inside.

Although the Urosensor will usually stay inside the tunnel by itself, to get the best out of this solution and ensure that it does not pull or pop out, you can tape across the slit with sticky tape. With the slit facing upwards, the mini pad or pantyliner is stuck into the crotch of the underwear using the sticky back surface of the pantyliner or mini pad.

Using two pairs of underwear:

For this solution, wear two pairs of close fitting underwear and put the Urosensor, wrapped or unwrapped in a tissue, between the two pairs. This is a comfortable and popular approach for children with a bedwetting problem.