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Alarms for Special Needs

Alarms for Special Situations

Choose the right alarm for your needs
By: Renee Mercer, MSN, CPNP

The unique thing about the Bedwetting Store is that we have numerous types of alarms to meet the needs of anyone who would benefit from being alerted that wetting is occurring. Often the key to being successful while using a bedwetting alarm is to pick the right product. Your own families’ needs may require a specific type of alarm. Here are some frequently asked questions that our customers have about their special situations and the types of bedwetting alarms that are recommended.

  1. I need a daytime wetting alert.
  2. The alarm that I choose must be used with disposable pants.
  3. My child is very sensitive to plastic or textures next to her skin.
  4. I want to be alerted when my elderly mother needs to be changed.
  5. My child has a fear of loud sounds so I'm concerned about using an alarm that makes loud noises.
  6. My child is hearing impaired.
  7. My daughter has diabetes and I need something to detect her sweating so I'll know if she's becoming hypoglycemic.

For other special situations, please call 800-214-9605 for product recommendations.

1. What type of alarm is best for being alerted that wetting is occurring in the daytime?

  • Malem Ultimate–provides discreet vibration and/or sound
  • Malem Recordable-can record voice, music or any sound to play when wet
  • Invisible Clock-small pager type vibratory reminder that is a worn on the clothing or in the pocket
  • Vibratory wrist watches-provide a discreet reminder to go to the bathroom at a scheduled interval or time

All of the Malem alarms attach to the dry underwear in the area that you would expect wetting to first be noticed. The easy-clip sensor securely fastens to the briefs and senses moisture, alerting the wearer that wetting is occurring. The unit that sounds or vibrates has a clip or safety pin to secure it to the waistband of the clothing or other comfortable spot. Some users find that discreet vibration is all they need to be alerted, while others find that the sound feature is beneficial. Since the Malem Ultimate alarm alerts the user with either sound or vibration, or both simultaneously, it offers more choices than other types of moisture alarms.

The Recordable Malem alarm plays a recorded message when moisture is detected. The message could be a certain sound, music or even a simple command such as “You need to go to the bathroom now”. You get to choose and record the message. This alarm would be helpful for forgetful users or ones who need a voice command to learn the new behavior.

The Invisible Clock is a small pager style device that vibrates at a pre-determined time or interval. Although this device does not sense the urine, it can provide the wearer with a discreet reminder that toileting or any other timed behavior should be occurring. Worn on the belt or in the pocket, it decreases the number of accidents by reminding the user to empty the bladder regularly.

A full line of vibratory reminder watches can also be found at the Bedwetting Store. The VibraLITE 3, Medose and Vibro-Watch are wristwatches that can be set to provide a vibratory reminder at intervals or at specific times. The user uses the toilet or performs the required tasks in response to the vibratory reminder.

2. The alarm that I choose must be used with disposable pants. What are my options?

  • Any Malem alarm with a Flat Standard Sensor

The Malem flat standard sensor can be used with a disposable pant. This is a specially designed flat sensor that slips into a slit cut in the disposable pant. It can be substituted for an easy-clip sensor on any Malem alarm, whether it is the Ultimate, the Recordable or auditory style. Standard sensors can be ordered under Accessories on-line or be substituted for the easy-clip sensor when ordering over the phone.

3. My child is very sensitive to plastic or textures next to her skin. What would be the best alarm for her?

  • Rodger Wireless-only part next to skin is cotton briefs
  • Pad type alarm such as Malem Bedside or Wet Call pad-lays flat on the bed, no parts worn on body, detects any type of moisture

There are several alarms that work well in this situation. The Rodger wireless alarm consists of specially designed cotton briefs that sense the moisture, providing comfort and no additional sensor cords. Since this alarm quickly senses moisture and sounds an alert, it is also useful in preventing any skin breakdown associated with urine contact.

A pad type alarm, in which the urine sensor is a flat pad under the user, is another alternative for sensitive individuals. The pad is covered with a draw sheet and is positioned under the child or adult. When the pad senses moisture, whether urine or other fluid, an alarm sounds. The Wet Call pad makes a single loud tone and the Malem Bedside allows a sound to be recorded, or any of eight pre-recorded sounds to be played.

4. I want to be alerted when my elderly mother needs to be changed. What alarm can do that?

  • Malem alarm with a standard sensor
  • Pad-type alarm such as Malem Bedside or Wet Call
  • Malem Wireless alarm
  • Sit-up Sensor

The Malem alarm with the Standard Sensor would alert you that your mother was wet if she was using disposable pants. The sensor can be positioned in a cut in the lining of the pants.

A pad type alarm works well with cloth underwear, especially if your mother spends most of her time in bed. The sensor pad is placed under a draw sheet positioned under your mother on the bed.

The Malem Wireless alarm detects moisture from the underwear or bed and transmits a sound to the caregiver, up to 75 feet away. Several transmitters can be used with one receiver for a multiple bed unit.

An additional accessory that is helpful if your mother is confused is the Malem Sit-up Sensor. This unique device senses position changes, such as sitting up, and sounds to alert you that your mother is trying to get out of bed. The Sit-up sensor attaches to a Malem audible alarm and is found under alarm accessories.

5. My child has a fear of loud sounds so I'm concerned about using an alarm that makes loud noises. What do you recommend?

  • Malem Recordable Alarm
  • Malem Bedside Alarm
  • Rodger Wireless
  • Malem Ultimate

The Malem Recordable Alarm is wearable and attaches with the easy-clip sensor just like the other Malem alarms. This alarm also has the capacity to record your message, whether that is your voice, music, or any other acceptable sound. This message would be played in response to the wetness.

The Malem Bedside alarm connects to the bed mat that is placed on top of the sheet and also offers the recordable feature. This alarm also has volume control and 8 various pre-recorded sounds.

The Rodger Wireless alarm has a volume control switch so that the sound level can be adjusted. The sound unit (receiver) can also be positioned further from the user or even in parent or caregiver’s room.

The Malem Ultimate wearable alarm has both vibration and sound. Either can be selected, and vibration only could be used if noises frighten your child. Be aware that since the vibration would only be detected by the user, you may not be alerted to provide assistance when the wetting occurs.

6. My child is hearing impaired. What alarm should I use?

  • Malem Ultimate

Since this alarm both sounds and vibrates, your child could feel the vibration while you could hear the sound and insure that they were getting up.

For parents who are hearing impaired, using a specially designed baby monitor (like you did when your child was an infant) in your child’s room will alert you when the alarm is sounding so that you can provide assistance.

7. My daughter has diabetes and I need something to detect her sweating so I'll know if she's becoming hypoglycemic. Do you have anything like this?

  • Any Malem alarm-wearable or pad type

The nice thing about bedwetting alarms is they can detect any type of moisture. If your daughter usually begins sweating on a certain part of her body, you can locate the sensor there. Or if the sweating is more generalized, a pad type alarm could be placed under her sheet to detect moisture. Parents have used bedwetting alarms for detecting leaking feeding tubes, bleeding from hemangiomas, and other unique situations.