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Alarms for Teens

Alarms for Teens

Choose the right alarm for your teen
By: Renee Mercer, MSN, CPNP

Teens who continue to suffer from bedwetting do respond well to bedwetting alarms. The most important factor when choosing an alarm for a teen is getting one that they will wear on a regular basis. Enlisting participation in choosing an alarm that is acceptable to him or her is essential. The Rodger Wireless alarm, the Malem Wireless, and the Malem Ultimate Selectable alarm have rave reviews from the teens.

Rodger Wireless Bedwetting Alarm SystemIf your teen doesn't wear a shirt to bed, has difficulty remembering to attach an alarm at bedtime, has intermittent wetting, or has not had good results with a wearable alarm in the past, the Rodger Wireless alarm is a great option. Also, if your teen is alerted to an alarm clock in the morning, this alarm would work well. The teen simply puts on the specialized briefs, snaps on the transmitter and goes to bed. Since the briefs sense moisture from all sides, sensor placement isn’t a factor in quickly sensing the moisture. The sound unit (receiver) just stays plugged into the wall. Your son or daughter must get out of bed, walk to the wall unit and press the reset button to quiet the alarm. The alarm comes with two pair of briefs and you may consider purchasing extras if laundry isn’t done on a daily basis. For teens with sporadic wetting, this is the perfect alarm. It’s simple to put these briefs on at bedtime. If wetting occurs that night, the alarm is ready to alert him or her. If no wetting occurs, the briefs can be reused the next night.

The Malem Wireless Alarm is another nice option for older kids. The advantage of this wireless alarm is that the sensor can be attached to your child's underwear. Because specialized underwear is not required, laundry does not have to be done as frequently. This wireless alarm transmits to a battery powered receiver that can be placed on a bedside table or across the room.

Malem Ultimate Bedwetting AlarmA third great alarm option for teens is the Malem Ultimate alarm. This wearable alarm unit provides both sound and vibration and fastens to the t-shirt or top near the shoulder area. The unique easy-clip sensor securely attaches to the outside of his or her own briefs to sense the first drops of moisture. Teen age boys should wear close fitting briefs, not boxers, so that the sensor can detect the urine quickly. The sensor cord slides under the t-shirt or top and the alarm unit fastens to the shoulder. The sensor cord is long enough to be used by teens that are up to 6 feet tall. (If your teen is taller than this, a wireless alarm would be a good choice.) The Malem Ultimate Selectable combines all the Malem features, which are sound and vibration both, and the ability to select a single tone or allow random tones to sound when moisture is detected. By choosing this alarm, your teen can experiment with various combinations that will provide the greatest stimulus in the night.

Bedwetting Alarm Tips

Since bedwetting alarms are a mainstay in the treatment of bedwetting, they are a tool that effectively ends bedwetting for most teens. Our starter kits contain the alarm of your choice, two washable waterproof overlays and the book "Seven Steps to Nighttime Dryness". Our customers find that these are the most essential supplies needed to be successful.

Key Points to consider:

The Rodger Wireless or Malem Wireless alarm are good choices if your teen:

  • doesn’t wear a shirt to bed
  • has difficulty remembering to attach an alarm at bedtime
  • has intermittent wetting
  • has not had good results with a wearable alarm in the past

A Malem Ultimate Selectable alarm is a good choice if your teen:

  • would like to be alerted to both sound and vibration
  • would prefer a small, wearable unit
  • does not have easy access to a wall outlet
  • wants the ability to select different sounds
  • would prefer to use their own underwear
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