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Bedwetting Alarms for Hearing Impaired Children

Recommended Products for Special Situations

  • Malem Selectable Bedwetting Alarm

    The loud steady sound and additional stimulus of strong vibration that the Malem Ultimate Alarm offers is beneficial. The compact alarm fastens to the shoulder of the nightwear so it is always close to the ear, even with nighttime movement. This is our most popular alarm and uses a set of long lasting AAA batteries. The unique easy clip sensor (in all Malem alarms) securely attaches to the outside of your own cloth briefs, without a chance of it accidentally pulling off. Choose from various colors, which make different sounds, and selectable alarms that have 8 pre-recorded sounds. This alarm is loud enough for the parents to respond to initially so the child can be assisted to the bathroom. You have the option of choosing either sound or vibration but it is best to begin with both.

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  • Rodger® Wireless
    Bedwetting Alarm

    The Rodger® Wireless Bedwetting Alarm System is a complete, easy-to-use dry solution to your child’s bedwetting problem. Your child will find it easy to wear because the underwear fits just like normal underwear. But with a very special difference – the invisible threads sewn into the underpants connect to two snaps near the waistband. At bedtime, your child attaches a small transmitter to the snaps on the underpants. When your child wets a few drops, the Rodger® alarm receiver sounds with one of 8 different tones, alerting you and your child that wetting has occurred.

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  • Vibrating Cushion paired with a Rodger® Wireless Alarm

    This is a great accessory for the Rodger® Wireless bedwetting alarm. The Rodger® Wireless receiver has one accessory port. You can place this vibrating unit under the mattress to assist in awakening when the bedside alarm is triggered by moisture. This accessory can be useful for deaf children or ones who respond more easily to vibration near their head. This bed shaker unit only works if the Rodger® Wireless receiver is plugged in, not while it's using batteries.

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My child is hearing impaired.

Children who are hearing impaired may need to be alerted in a manner other than sound. Choose an alarm that vibrates in response to moisture. For parents who will be assisting their child, a simultaneous sound alert is recommended. For parents who are hearing impaired, using a specially designed baby monitor with flashing lights may be useful for you to be alerted when the alarm is sounding.

The Malem Ultimate alarm uses both sound and vibration, and is a great choice for this situation. The strong vibration can be felt on the shoulder where the alarm unit is located.

Another alarm with an optional vibratory cushion is the Rodger® Wireless. The small cushion vibrates at the same time as the alarm sounds in response to wetness.