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Tips for Selecting Bedding

By: Renee Mercer, MSN, CPNP

How is waterproof bedding different?

Waterproof bedding insures a clean, dry sleeping environment by protecting the mattress from moisture, dust, bed bugs, and stains. This bedding has a built-in layer that prevents the moisture from flowing through from the sheet to the mattress. This layer could be non-permeable like vinyl or it could be breathable like polyurethane. Vinyl does not breathe so reflects body heat and moisture back to the user. Polyurethane allows the heat to be absorbed and is cooler to sleep on.

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What features should I look for when buying waterproof bedding?

Need for absorbency: Some pads hold up to 6 cups of fluid. Absorbency is increased with the thickness and number of layers. Waterproof mattress pads provide absorbency plus moisture protection. Four layer pads Beautyrest Waterproof are more absorbent than three layer pads Beautyrest Vinyl Basic.

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Cover for mattress top only or encasement for all sides and bottom: Dust and bed bug protection requires an encasement. Routine wetting can be addressed with a mattress pad or overlay.

Breathable waterproof layer: Found only in pads or covers with polyurethane layer. Vinyl is not breathable.

Preferred Cleaning Method: Vinyl covers can be wiped clean. Polyurethane covers and pads can be machine washed and dried.

Unique Products: Our Breathable Waterproof Covers are breathable, lightweight, waterproof and thin enough to be laundered in the same load as the sheets. premium wp comforter duvetThe cotton terry top is absorbent, comfortable, quiet and is used by upscale hotels.

Small Pad on Top: Small portable overlays are positioned on top of the sheet to prevent wetness and decrease laundry burden. These are used in addition to waterproof mattress protection. Tuck-in overlays have fabric on either side to prevent slipping with middle-of-the- night movement.