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Choosing Underwear

Choosing Underwear

Washable waterproof children’s underwear is a great green alternative to disposable underwear. Parents find this washable solution saves money and provides a discreet way to have waterproof protection in public settings.


Bedtime Pants resemble longer length boxer briefs and are completely waterproof and washable. An absorbent sewn-in pad extends from the front to back waistband. An absorbent disposable pad can be used over this to double the absorbency for children with large urine output.

Washable Absorbent Briefs offer daytime protection, with an attached absorbent pad and a leak-proof area, providing discreet protection from leaks to clothing. They are available in pull-on and easy-open styles. The easy-open style is designed for those needing frequent changes or easy access.

Protective vinyl pants attractively replace old-fashioned plain vinyl pants. The vinyl waterproof layer is sandwiched between two layers of 100% cotton, making these comfortable and functional. These are designed be worn over a disposable or absorbent product and prevent leakage.

Incontinence Booster Pad

Absorbency of waterproof underwear

To increase cloth’s absorbency, there are more layers and padding than there are with disposable products. Even though bulkier than regular underwear, the outer cloth layer and elastic waistband are more discreet than disposable pants. Absorbency can be doubled by adding a disposable booster pad.


Machine wash and dry using warm water and detergent, not soap based products, fabric softeners or bleach. Enzyme based urine removal laundry additives can be used.