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Bedwetting Alarms for Use with Daytime Wetting

Recommended Products for Special Situations

    • Malem Recordable Bedwetting Alarm

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      A selectable combination of sound and/or vibration OR a custom recordable message provides children with special needs a range of options to help stop wetting. A switch inside the battery compartment is pressed to record up to 10 seconds of sound. When the alarm is triggered, the sound will loop continuously until stopped. If you don't like your recording, just record another.

    • Malem Selectable Bedwetting Alarm

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      The loud steady sound and additional stimulus of strong vibration that the Malem Ultimate Alarm offers is beneficial. The compact alarm fastens to the shoulder of the nightwear so it is always close to the ear, even with nighttime movement. This is our most popular alarm and uses a set of long lasting AAA batteries. The unique easy clip sensor (in all Malem alarms) securely attaches to the outside of your own cloth briefs, without a chance of it accidentally pulling off. Choose from various colors, which make different sounds, and selectable alarms that have 8 pre-recorded sounds. This alarm is loud enough for the parents to respond to initially so the child can be assisted to the bathroom. You have the option of choosing either sound or vibration but it is best to begin with both.

    • Rodger® 8-Alarm Vibration Reminder Watch

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      The stylish watch allows you to either set up to 8 alarms at any time during the day OR set the watch to vibrate at specific intervals. Method used to set this watch makes it difficult for children to inadvertently change settings. The easy-open battery compartment is a real benefit over all of the other watches that require special tools or trips to a jeweler.

I need a daytime wetting alarm.

Some children have difficulty putting together the feeling that happens before wetting and the feeling of wetness. This has to be learned in order to anticipate when the bathroom should be used in the daytime. Caregivers and the user can both be alerted with these alarms.

These alarms attach to dry underwear with the Easy Clip sensor or to a disposable pant with the Standard Sensor. When wetness is sensed, the recordable alarm plays any sound you record, a programmed sound or vibration. The Malem Recordable alarm is helpful for those who need a voice command or are frightened by loud sounds. The Malem Ultimate can provide a discreet vibration.

The daytime wetting watches provide a vibratory timed reminder to use the bathroom. They do not sense the wetting occurring, but provide a vibratory reminder to go to the bathroom and empty the bladder. These products offer the option to set at specific times or intervals of time, whenever a discreet reminder is needed.