Disposables - What to Choose


What to Choose

Disposable Incontinence Products

Disposable products keep everyone dry and are easy when you have no time for extra laundry. With absorbency similar to baby diapers, the average pull-up holds about the amount the bladder lets out when it empties. Disposables have the added benefit of odor control, which neutralizes odor caused by urine. If your child has nightly wetting, using disposables is a good temporary solution.


When choosing pull-ups, look for:

Correct Sizing- If the pull-up fits too snuggly, the urine might leak over the top or from the leg openings. If your child is older or larger, look for pull-ups in L/XL sizes or XS/S adult sizes.

Incontinence Booster Pads

Absorbency- If urination occurs more frequently than once per night; the pull-up may not hold all the urine. Diaper booster pads, which double the absorbency, can be inserted and worn in the pull-up. Make sure you allow enough room for the booster pad to expand as it absorbs urine.

Leaking- Urine leaking from a pull-up during the night creates a wet and uncomfortable sleep environment. Protective vinyl pants can be worn over a pull-up to prevent leaking. These soft pants feature a layer of vinyl sandwiched between two layers of cotton. They are machine washable and dryable and add another layer of waterproof protection.

Lower cost, generic alternatives- Save money by buying generic brands of disposable pants.

Disposable pads

Disposable Underpads

The most popular are adhesive backed have tuck-in sides to secure them in place. Disposable pads can be useful, especially if traveling, to provide waterproof protection for any surface. Pet owners as well as parents find these useful. Generic disposable pads save money and work well for those who are not as active in their sleep.