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Dry Me Bedwetting Alarm Troubleshooting Guide

Dry-Me Alarm FAQs & Troubleshooting Guide

Dry-Me Bedwetting Alarm

1. My alarm is making a very weak alarm sound. What does this mean?

This generally indicates that your batteries are weak and need to be replaced. Replacing the batteries should strengthen the alarm sound.

2. After my child wets, I cannot get the alarm to turn off. Does this mean my alarm is defective?

No, this may occur during the first few weeks of training, before your child has learned how to stop the flow of urine when the alarm sounds. When the sensor gets saturated, it can be difficult to turn off because it continues to sense the moisture stuck in the back of the sensor even after you remove it from the underwear. To turn the alarm off if this happens, simply disconnect the sensor from the alarm box, then press the reset button. After it is disconnected, you can dry the sensor thoroughly before reconnecting it. This problem may also occur if you improperly attached the sensor to the inside of the underwear - instead of the outside where it should be attached.

3. My alarm is acting erratically, going off when it is dry or not sounding when wet. What does this mean?

The most common cause of erratic behavior is a dirty sensor or bad batteries. Replace the batteries, then clean your sensor thoroughly with warm, soapy water and an old toothbrush. Make sure the sensor is clipped to the outside of CLOSE FITTING underwear, and check to make sure the alarm box has not sustained any water damage.

4. My child does not wake up when his alarm goes off. Does this mean the alarm won’t work for him?

Many children who wet the bed are such deep sleepers that they cannot respond to an alarm on their own at first. This does not mean that they will be unsuccessful with the alarm. It is important that if your child does not hear the alarm on his own, that you help him wake up when the alarm goes off. Your child will gradually learn to awaken on his own.

5. What is the Dry-Me Warranty?

There is a one year warranty on the alarm, and 90 days on the sensor. Please email ( or phone us (800-214-9605) for warranty issues.