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Bedwetting Alarms for Children Who Fear Loud Noises

Recommended Products for Special Situations

  • Malem Recordable Bedwetting Alarm

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    A selectable combination of sound and/or vibration OR a custom recordable message provides children with special needs a range of options to help stop wetting. A switch inside the battery compartment is pressed to record up to 10 seconds of sound. When the alarm is triggered, the sound will loop continuously until stopped. If you don't like your recording, just record another.

  • Malem Bed-Side Bedwetting Alarm

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    The Malem Bed-Side bed wetting alarm provides more options than any other bed-side unit on the market. Features include the ability to choose one of eight loud tones, or to record your own. You no longer need to pay several hundred dollars more to purchase a quality bed-side unit. We recommend using a draw sheet (i.e. fold a cotton sheet in half and tuck it under each side of the mattress) or a large towel to hold the flexible pad in place. This will keep the pad securely in place under your child.

  • Malem Selectable Bedwetting Alarm

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    The loud steady sound and additional stimulus of strong vibration that the Malem Ultimate Alarm offers is beneficial. The compact alarm fastens to the shoulder of the nightwear so it is always close to the ear, even with nighttime movement. This is our most popular alarm and uses a set of long lasting AAA batteries. The unique easy clip sensor (in all Malem alarms) securely attaches to the outside of your own cloth briefs, without a chance of it accidentally pulling off. Choose from various colors, which make different sounds, and selectable alarms that have 8 pre-recorded sounds. This alarm is loud enough for the parents to respond to initially so the child can be assisted to the bathroom. You have the option of choosing either sound or vibration but it is best to begin with both.

My child fears loud noises.

Some children are wary of loud sounds and are worried that the alarm will “scare” them in the night. Several bedwetting alarms will work well for this situation. Recordable alarms allow parents to record their voice (or any sound) to play when wetness is detected.

Any alarm with a volume control dial would also work for children who are concerned about a loud sound. The Malem Bedside and Malem Wireless both allow for volume adjustment.

Vibration only, which is an option in the Malem Ultimate alarm, is another option for children are worried about the loud sound. The Malem Ultimate is a wearable alarm that allows you to select vibration only to be played when moisture is detected. Be aware that since the vibration would only be detected by the user, you may not be alerted to provide assistance when the wetting occurs.

The Rodger® Wireless alarm has a volume control switch so that the sound level can be adjusted. The sound unit (receiver) can also be positioned further from the user or even in the parent's or caregiver’s room.